The Changing Face of Cold Storage Facility

       By: Smith H
Posted: 2014-03-12 09:31:39
Cold storage technology has always been recognized as the ideal way to conserve and preserve food variants. Relying on the best technology available in the market, several exotic and specialty food producers have used these storage warehouse units to have all their products refrigerated. With the passage of time, the functionalities of cold storage facility have increased, making them into global transportation services. These facilities now perform many roles than just storing of food products. Technology has enabled many of the refrigeration units expand on a giant scale. Today, these setups are considered as outsourcing hubs which big corporate houses rely upon for satisfying all their third party logistics quests. These hubs are much bigger than the dry food storage, hubs they used to be. In the prevailing scenario, a refrigeration unit performs varied task which goes beyond mere pallet-in, pallet out mechanism. There is increased urgency of the case handling along with several value additions which has entered this business segment. These refrigeration spaces are the optimal combination of labor, processes and technology. It is of no surprise as to why they are termed by most manufacturers as the multi-channel boom of today’s market space. Having the ability to carry out gigantic operations, these big sized refrigeration facilities are here to stay.Your manufacturing business needs to be attended by the best cold storage warehousing facility. Modern refrigeration spaces cater to several needs of their clients. These large scaled refrigeration units can have your frozen foods stored at controlled temperatures as per your specifications. They can help you meet your transportation needs with great finesse. This has enabled many big corporate houses to focus on core business issues and outsource the storage and transportation tasks to the giant refrigeration units’ setup in the market space. These units are optimal for acting as third party logics vendors for their clients by providing the best cold storage facility along with proficiency in container loading. The storage setups in today’s scenario are embedded with ultra-sophisticated inbound and outbound transportation features. They help their clients resolve their cross docking needs along with formalities pertaining to USDA and FDA import-export regulations.You can be assured with the quality of work executed by the modern refrigeration units. These facilities are armed with the best technology which aids them in carrying out pertinent functions of container unloading and unloading. These mega sized cold storage facilities employ the best labor for executing several tasks which preciously were not handled by traditional storage warehouses. The refrigeration setups offer clients with the best services in facilities related to cooling, stacking, palletizing and order picking. The services offered by refrigeration setups have given a boost to several manufacturing credentials. Professional fishing companies also make use of refrigeration setups in meeting their fish wrapping needs. With assistance from these technologically advanced machineries, food packets can be packaged and processed in shortest span of time. These setups have thoroughbred driving professionals who have sound knowledge of every nook and corner in the area of their visit.
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