IT Certification

       By: Moussa Ba
Posted: 2006-11-08 01:50:15
One of the great things about the world of certification is that the possibilities are endless. New certifications are designed with the need of today's fast and growing markets.There is a finite number of IT certifications that can be obtained in unlimited combinations to give its holders their own unique sets of skills and knowledge in order to compete in the market.There are two kinds of certification paths: horizontal and vertical. The first path relates more to the IT generalist. Individuals seek a comprehensive understanding of a wide range of technologies; a typical example will be someone who does have interest in Networking+, Security+, A+, and so on. This allows the individual who opts for this certification path to diversify the chances in the job market by not putting all the eggs in the same basket.Individuals on the horizontal certification path will not stay at a single level of expertise; they will move on to tougher and might continue to cut across different specialties.IT workers must continually update and acquire new skills to remain employable in the dynamic IT job market. Employers are more demanding and selective in their search for technology workers that are equipped with a broad range of skills. People who want to be in IT need an edge, a means to prove they can do the task assigned. Certifications are a step toward that proof.Businesses are becoming more willing to pay for technology workers with skills sets that can be used to make the company more competitive and more productive.
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