Positive & Negative sides of iPhone Application Development

       By: Jerry Addon
Posted: 2012-12-22 00:45:13
Apple’s iPhone has created many landmarks during the past few years. Today, iPhone Application Development has become a need for the every business irrespective of their shape and size. In addition, the recent launch of iPhone 5 has broken all the records in terms of popularity. Thus, there are many newbie or upcoming mobile app developers who got attracted towards iPhone App development.There are plenty of articles and posts written on an iPhone apps development , but very rare articles are written to highlight its positive and negative sides. This is the main reasons which lead me to write this article. In this article we will discuss some of the most ignored positive and negative issues associated with iPhone app development.
Positive side of developing application for the iPhone:There are a few obvious reasons for which developers are dying to get into the iPhone application development. Let’s find out which are those reasons.1. With the immense popularity and success of iPhone 5 and iOS 6, mobile industry is totally dominated by the iPhone. Thus, for upcoming developers, there are endless opportunity to earn name and fame by developing apps for iPhone.
2. There are thousands of software development companies involved in developing tailored iPhone applications. If the developers choose to go for iPhone application development, chances are that they will get ample opportunities to get selected in top of the IT companies.
3. Join the band wagon of the world’s no. 1 brand Apple! I know many of you might not agree with me, but it is fact that many developers just go for iPhone app development to get associated with the world’s leading Smartphone device manufacturing company. By the above discussion, it is clear that developers are going for the iPhone app development just because of its popularity and fan following around the world. However, there are certain things which really can change your mind about developing iPhone apps.Negative side of developing applications for the iPhone:
1. From the user’s point of view, it is not possible to run two apps in parallel within the iPhone device. If the user is already using one app, then he/she will have to close the existing app in order to use another app. This really annoys users.
2. Apple has been criticized for its policy of not allowing any kind of third party apps within the iPhone. If user wants to use third party apps, they will have to jailbreak their iPhone. However, Jailbreaking cause many security issues later on.
3. Moreover, iPhone devices are not user-friendly in terms of its Bluetooth connectivity. Users can pair their iPhone device with iPhone device only. They can’t use Bluetooth to transfer files or anything to another device or mobile.
4. App store approval is the biggest issue for iPhone app developers! Apple has very strict guidelines for the app submission and it often rejects apps due to lack of their quality standards. Moreover, the process of approval is very lengthy. So, we have seen both the plus and minus points related to iPhone application development. For the newbie developers it could be a good platform to get instant success through this popular device. However, the negative points can’t be ignored. So, the decision is yours! Best of luck for your next iPhone app development venture!
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