How to Reduce Your Brochure Printing Costs

       By: brochureprinting
Posted: 2012-11-20 01:09:42
Reducing the printing costs of brochures is essential for a small business to survive and thrive. Not only would you be able to use your savings for other purposes such as inventory, you would also be able to conserve your resources for any contingency. So to cut your marketing costs, consider the following ideas. Low Cost Printing Idea 1: Choose a Company that Prints CheaplyIn choosing a brochure printing services provider, consider the rates being offered. Before using the services of a printing company, make an initial study of which company offers the lowest rates yet prints high quality materials. If they offer discounts, ask them what such discounts would cover. Likewise, consider if they can deliver your brochures freely at your home. That could be a plus for reducing your printing costs. Low Cost Printing Idea 2: Design Your Own BrochureIf you have some Photoshop skills, designing your own brochure could save you some cash. Some printing companies can design your brochure but for a fee. Indeed, they need to pay for the services of their graphic artists. So if you have some experience in graphic designing or know some tricks in Photoshop, try designing your own brochure. In doing your brochure’s design and layout, remember to properly harmonize the content and design of your brochure. Also, choose and use high quality images with the resolution of around 300dpi.Bear in mind that you should keep your design simple and easy to understand. Do not forget to include a catchy tagline to attract customers. Remember that your goal is to have an appealing brochure that would make your business familiar to prospective clients. After finishing your brochure, ask some printing companies if they can do your design on print. If your design goes well on print, you will save some bucks with your talent. Low Cost Printing Idea 3: Choose an Online Brochure Printing CompanyMany online printing companies offer cheap and competitive rates. This isn’t unexpected as they do not need to pay for overhead costs such as rental fees and printing shop employee salaries. Moreover, many online printers operate nationwide, thereby allowing them to offer competitive printing fees. And another nice feature of their services is that they have many templates that you could choose from for your brochures. So if you’re too busy with your business, try availing of their services as they could save you time and cash. Low Cost Printing Idea 4: Print in BulkEconomies of scale are also applicable to brochure printing. If you think that printing a lot of brochures would be a good investment, consider printing in bulk. If the printing services provider you choose uses the traditional offset printers, they could offer you huge discounts. So long as your brochures can be appealing for a long time, printing a lot of brochures can save you a lot of money on the long term.
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