How to Find an Efficient and Reliable eBook Conversion Company

       By: Mark Pritchard
Posted: 2012-08-25 02:40:31
With the growing number of eBook users, a traditional printed book has a smaller and smaller chance of reaching the maximum number of potential readers. Fortunately, any traditional document can be easily converted into multiple eBook formats. Using an eBook conversion company provides authors conversion specialists who are well aware of the idiosyncrasies of each eBook format. Following a few basic tips will help you find the best eBook conversion company for your conversion needs.Step 1: Do it on your own or seek the assistance of an experienced eBook conversion companyYou can convert a file or document from PDF to e-book format without seeking paid conversion service, but only if you have technical knowledge. This idea is perfect for writers who have some technical experience and are willing to purchase software applications and know the procedures to use them. It definitely costs less than using professional eBook conversion services in the long-run, if you are willing to make such a commitment of time and energy to purchase the programs and learn the techniques.What if you are not familiar with different aspects of eBook conversion and don’t want to spend so much time learning all the processes? In such a situation, the better option is to hand it over to an eBook conversion professional who is an expert in everything and can provide Kindle formatting services, Kindle conversion services, and ePub conversion services. While this option costs more, it is time-saving, hassle-free, and assures you a quality product.Step 2: Consider options for conversionConversion services are priced differently by different ebook conversion companies. Before making a final selection, consider the following factors that will influence the price.Output format: To reach to the greatest possible number of eBook readers, the publication should be made available in multiple formats so that they can be read by all eBook readers. The most popular eBook formats today are AZW (Amazon Kindle), iBook (Apple), MOBI, and EPUB (Kobo, nook).Length and layout: eBook Conversion Companies generally charge by the total number of words in the file, but the price will increase if there are complicated design elements such as pictures or if your file has a catalog, footnotes, or endnotes.Step 3: Research your options and ask for quotesOnline search is a reliable way to find an eBook conversion company that will meet your needs. When you search, use common phrases for the industry like “eBook conversion service” or “eBook conversion company”. You will be able to find a company to your liking within the first few pages of search results. Also consider visiting popular eBook sites like Amazon where you are more likely to find a recommended list of ebook conversion service providers. Gather more details regarding their offerings, conditions, and pricing. Avoid the eBook publishing companies which don’t seem trustworthy or friendly to clients or have affordable pricing. You have many options here, so it helps be picky when narrowing your choice to a couple of companies.Below are a few questions to ask potential eBook conversion companies:Can they successfully convert from your existing file format?
Can they convert documents into all desired file formats?
How much time will the conversion take?
Do they have a fixed pricing structure? Are there potentially additional costs?
Is there a bulk discount for conversion jobs, be it multiple books into the same format or one book into multiple formats?
Do they offer additional eBook publishing formatting services as well? Best of luck to you as your bring your publications into the digital world!
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