Hydraulic systems ideal for replacing human labor

       By: BrashearneniMario
Posted: 2012-07-04 02:03:18
The science of hydraulic systems has been developed over several decades now and many applications of this science are now in use in our day-to-day life. Hydraulic fluids that have the necessary properties needed for the particular application are also being developed alongside and we have different kinds of hydraulic systems that work for us.Whatever the mode; automatic or manual, the hydraulic systems are developed using different types of hydraulic fluids which are used to transmit the power from the source to the target so that the load is carried from higher to lower level or lower to higher level. Hydraulic fluids have the property that they cannot be compressed so that the power is not lost through compression. There are many types of hydraulic fluids that are used ranging from mineral oils to water.A hydraulic oil car lift is an application that can lift a car in a work shop using hydraulic systems. This could be an automatic hydraulic rise car lift or a manual hydraulic rise car lift. The automatic hydraulic rise car lift is powered by electricity and raises the car to the required height so that maintenance work can be carried in the under-belly of the car. A smaller example of this example is the automatic car jack that is powered by electricity. The manual hydraulic rise car lift is commonly used in the emergency car jack, when you have to manually turn a handle that raises one side of the car so that the flat tyre can be changed. Hydraulic systems have also being used in elevators for a long time. Here the automatic hydraulic carrier lifts the elevator car to the required floor by using the electric power which is converted to mechanical energy to move the lift upwards or downwards as the case may be. For emergency, if the electricity fails a manual hydraulic carrier is also in place in elevators which can be used by manually giving the power for upward or downward movement of the lift.Hydraulic systems are now used wherever there is a need to lift a load over a distance. With human labor being expensive and not as efficient as machines, hydraulic systems have been successfully developed to replace the unreliable, inefficient and expensive human element with mechanized lifts that do the work in a better and cheaper manner. Other than less force or power required to perform a task, hydraulic systems also provide smooth and uniform displacement which are important properties required in many applications such as automatic hydraulic carrier lifts.
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