Know About the Industry Wise Uses of an LCD Module

       By: Chris Johnson
Posted: 2012-06-04 02:20:51
In the electronics industry, the term LCD module is often used. It is essentially used to refer to an LCD that also comprises of a printed circuit board, drivers, backlighting among other components. Such modules are fitted into several different objects cutting across various industrial sectors. For instance, you shall find it being used in an automobile as an interactive or navigation unit in the dashboard.Along with the internal electronic components that actually drive such a unit, backlighting has become an important aspect of their usage today. The backlights can be availed in different forms such as STN, FSTN, YG LED, White LED and even touch screen. If you are an OEM or deal in such products, it is wise to source directly from a manufacturer who can provide you a ready to use or install unit. The sizes of these modules could range from a few inches to a few feet. You can combine features such as capacitive touch with these devices.There are certain applications such as the medical sector where graphic displays are not required. In such a case, you can ask the manufacturer to give you a character LCD display. As the name suggests, this type of display features only characters and numerals in a single color. Apart from the medical sector, these types of screens are also useful in the industrial sector where you need to get plain, simple data readings. In this article we shall take a look at some of the uses of an LCD module in different industrial sectors:• Automobile: These are used in almost all modern day automobile interiors. They are used for displaying details such as the speed, gear, fuel status, driver warnings, RMP meter and various other features. Since automobiles are used outdoor and in different seasons, such panels are made to withstand temperatures ranging from -30 degrees centigrade to 85 degrees centigrade.• Handheld devices and telecommunication: Mobile phones, touch pad screens, and music players…they all make use of such modules. Some of the defining features of the modules used in this industry are quick response, height ranging from 1.5 inches to 7.5inches and high quality color and graphics. In many cases you will find the use of capacitive touch screens being integrated in these devices.• Consumer and industrial use products: There are several products such as digital photo frames that are used in homes, or data reading panels that are used in industries. While some of them might have graphic LCD, some others feature character LCD in places where pure data is required in the form of numbers and alphabets.• Medical devices: This is a critical are where one needs to use a high grade LCD module. You could opt for character or graphic LCD with several color choices in different sizes.
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