How to Open Microsoft SQL Server Database after Corruption?

       By: swanswm
Posted: 2012-05-27 02:27:55
What is the use of DBCC CHECKDB command in SQL Server? - DBCC CHECKDB Command is helpful in verifying the type of corruption and method used to fix corrupt MDF file. The command shows all the error messages, which restricts a user from carrying out the process to Open Microsoft SQL Server Database. In cases of large databases, the command takes a little more time in verifying the type of corruption but, it is not essential to run the command till end. However, it is always recommended to run this command till end because a proper recovery strategy can be planned by running the command completely.When DBCC CHECKDB Repair Command of SQL Server is useful? –The strategy or steps to perform the recovery of Microsoft SQL Server database depends completely on the results of DBCC CHECKDB command. If the result shows that the corruption has occurred due to inaccurate space metadata then, the DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow Data Loss command will fix the corruption. In actual, the data loss will not happen on running this command. When the corruption occurs due to damage in non-clustered indexes then also, the DBCC CHECKDB Repair or Rebuild command will perform the recovery of SQL database by deleting the damaged non-clustered Indexes, however it is recommended to use manual method always because unusual data loss may happen with DBCC CHECKDB Repair command. When DBCC CHECKDB Repair fails to Repair SQL Server database? –When corruption in metadata occurs, the DBCC CHECKDB command fails to Repair MDF File of SQL Server. This type of corruption occurs usually when the database is updated from SQL Server 2000 because in SQL Server 2000, the DBCC CHECKDB don’t check system catalog and this problem remains un-noticed. One solution to fix this problem is to delete records from system tables, which leads to data loss in large volumes. Second solution to fix this problem is to edit the information of system tables in SQL Server 2005. This method is very complex and risky, major data loss may also occur in it. If you have no issue with data loss then, you can apply these aforementioned methods but, if you have problem with data-loss then, you have to look for another solution to open Microsoft SQL Server database after corruption.What to do in situations when DBCC CHECKDB Repair Command of SQL Server fails?- When DBCC CHECKDB Repair command fails to open Microsoft SQL Server database and you fear of losing data then, you can use a third party tool. Among many third party tools, SQL Recovery tool is one better to open MS SQL database. By using it, you can fix all complex issues of corruption in SQL Server database and open Microsoft SQL Server database without any difficulty.
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