Global Warming and Parched Earth Virtual Reality Strategies

       By: Lance Winslow
Posted: 2006-10-31 00:16:27
The global warming alarmists have warned us of the future parched earth and a barren planet void all of plant life and they have told us about millions or even billions of people dying from lack of water or food. They describe things like the barren planet of Mars and a surface that cannot support life. If this happens that human beings will have to live underground and use underground water supplies and be careful with their resources.Can the future of mankind live underground like that or would they go insane? What if the Liberal Democrats are right as they work very hard to make our populations fear the future? The remaining humans on Earth would be forced to go underground and within a future generations the new people would never have experienced life on the surface of the planet. However, it is possible to record the human life experience, as we know it and then develop virtual reality simulators to keep everyone from going insane.How would this work? Well, the humans living underground would have a dome shaped device that they could go inside and the device would actually be a flat-panel screen or display much like the concept of the IMAX theaters, only a smaller version. The user of the virtual reality system would have libraries full of digital content to play.They can experience in virtual reality snowboarding, water skiing or even hang gliding. They could go parachuting, walk through the park or go mountain climbing. They could do everything that is possible on Earth, without that Earth even being available anymore. This is why I tell people not to worry about global warming because if it were true there would be nothing we can do about it anyway and virtual reality will solve all those problems force in the future. Please consider all this in 2006.
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