Why HTC Wants to Come with Fewer Numbers of Smart Phones This Year

       By: Adam Noveck
Posted: 2012-01-29 01:27:12
Over the last few years, HTC has introduced several numbers of smart phones, but this year it has plans to cut the size of its smart phones in order to regain its market share. Should we think that HTC is holding out for a market wonder? HTC UK will be offering less number of smart phones this year. Ask the reason. It says that it wants to get back its market share. The manufacturer will deliver a few key ‘Hero’ devices according to the plan.The company has taken a U-turn after disappointing global results came to its hands last month when its profit fell 26% ($365m) in the first quarter. This decline was obvious, because we already know that it has been facing a tough competition from Apple and Samsung’s Galaxy range for over two years. Phil Roberson, HTC UK chief says, “They don’t have plans to launch several numbers of high spec. devices this year, focusing on releases of second quarter”. He further added they want to concentrate again on what made them great in mobile phone market.Means, they would focus now on cutting edge hardware and demands of customers. He said, “We came up with more numbers of products than we had planned. Simply we inundated the market with devices more than demands. “That’s why we want to give our customers something new and exciting in 2012”, says HTC UK chief, Phil Roberson. He went further saying that they should be careful by not going far down the line while segmenting their products.Thus HTC will occupy a rear seat in the tablet market so as to concentrate on smart phones more. However, Roberson made it clear that they are not leaving the sector completely.Analysts take this change as encouraging while HTC offering a more streamlined product that could win the hearts of consumers. But analysts also say that this strategy of the company involves risk and may not work as targeted. Ben Wood, CCS analyst says, “if the brand wants to revive its portfolio, it will have to come up with a ‘hero’ creation. Hence the brand may also have fewer errors on their devices”. Francisco Geronimo of IDC reasons, “HTC’s products are great but the company did not have market strategy like that of Samsung which had an impressive position in mobile phone world by the end of 2011. Now we have to see how and to what extent this strategy of HTC gets success to revive its rank in the mobile phone market.AUTHOR:
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