Things To Know Before You Send Your Child To Sleep Away Camps

       By: Camp Professor
Posted: 2011-11-27 01:34:59
Camping these days is as educational as school where kids learn by experience. Through various types of activities, kids learn wide range of skills that help them develop emotionally, socially, and intellectually strong. These days, more and more parents are sending out their kids for sleep away camps as they provide children with wide variety of opportunities to learn new skills and experience the real life closely.A sleep away camp provides your child with ample opportunities to develop and grow as a capable individual. At Sleep Away Camps, children are doing, living, and experiencing new things all by themselves. Children are given a choice to choose from variety of activities and they can make a choice depending upon their interests.If you are planning or have planned to enroll your child to go to a sleep away camp, here is a checklist that can make your child’s stay at the camp more comfortable and memorable:• To provide extra comfort and warmth to your child, packing a sleeping bag is a great idea.
• Provide a pack of mosquito repellent or a bug spray to keep those little troubles away. Without the insect repellent, camping can be very uncomfortable.
• Make sure that you provide you child with sufficient toiletries that may include adequate supply of soap, shampoo, tooth brush, tooth paste, hairbrush, wet wipes, and a few small towels. Adding a sunscreen will help prevent the tanning.
• Put in ample supply of clothes including t-shirts, pants and sweatshirts. Provide several pairs of socks and undergarments to help in case of laundry breakdown. Put in shorts and pajamas for the comfortable stay.
• It is advisable not to buy new shoes for camping for your child. Instead put comfortable and running shoes or sports sandals which your child has already been using and is at ease with.
• Encourage your child to write a daily description of every day at the end. Advise him/her about how these priceless possessions will help refresh the memories years later.
• Pack on a camera with extra batteries so that you child can capture memories which will last with him/her for a lifetime. If you child is a beginner, he/she will be delighted with the camping experience. On the other hand those who are more experienced can improve and become more competent. With the new found skills, children become self-reliant and it builds their self esteem.The Camp Professor offers assistance in identifying your kid’s interest and choose a camp or teen program that will be beneficial for them. Their vast network of diverse Sleep Away Camps for kids, facilities, and programs offer you a wider and better choice.
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