Google Panda Recent Update In August 2011

       By: Farooq Khan
Posted: 2011-08-26 23:04:46
Google Panda has yet again marked the landscape of the search ranking in many ways. It has made life easier for sear users and it has kept his way of innovating new features and editions to amaze its users. For all the SEO out there it is fantastic news. This time Panda has come up with the recent update of making it available in a variety of languages. By doing this Google Panda has made his accessibility to a wide range of people.Google Panda was initially launched in US for searching in English. From this time Panda always tried to add some exciting feature to make the searching activity more popular among a vast number of users. Hence following this it has added the support for various languages except Japanese, Chinese and Korean. By offering this now users can search their queries in their own native languages instead of English and now their search can be more focused. Thus it is the highlight of the recent update. Google had made an attempt by launching Panda to win the ranking game involved in searching queries for its users. Hence to refine their goal a bit more they introduced a new algorithm like an add-on which has enabled searches to be conducted in nearly all the known languages of the world.For most of the languages added, the influence will be of a low magnitude. According to analyst Panda will be able to affect only six to nine percent of the searches available. The searches in English languages have been impacted by 12 percent. This shows that the Panda has already made his mark.Google’s ultimate mission is to provide its users with the coolest searching experience and in an attempt to do so it has made some immense incremental innovations. Google has revolutionized the searching experience to its ultimate level. Another prominent feature of Google Panda is that it detects the relevant pages that are low on quality and then it tries to eliminate those pages form the searching list. By doing this it tries to customize the search results for the various users. And bring the most relevant and good quality results for visitors and readers.Hence on August 12, Google Panda has made a brave attempt to increase its reach of customers by making the search experience available for its non-English customers. This exciting new update has made Google indeed a hot favorite. This will surely give Google a competitive edge on its search engines rivals and t will continue to serve the company as a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.Google has adopted a sound policy of experimenting different searching features and giving his users the best to increase its likeability among its customers. This strategy has finally paid off and Google has reaped the benefits which will enable it to satisfy its consumers want profitably. Hence Google Panda has yet more to accomplish in the field of optimizing search experiences and by doing these Google can become the market leader and lead the search engine market.
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