Learning About The Vrious Hartz Flea Control Products

       By: Lance Ferguson
Posted: 2011-06-01 01:30:30
Flea control is an activity that all pet owners, invariably, have to include in the routine care of their pet to ensure the proper health and sanitization of their favorite animals. However, for effective protection against fleas and ticks, it is vital to use good quality products that do not cause any further harm to your pet’s health and well-being. Over the years, Hartz flea control products have been recognized as one of the most effective products that eradicate the menace of fleas and ticks while providing tender care and nourishment to the animals. Listed below are some common products offered by Hartz for flea controlFlea Shampoo: Flea and tick shampoos are perhaps the most popular and commonly used Hartz Flea control products. Hartz offers a wide range of these shampoos which not only kill the fleas present on the animal’s coat but also nourish the coat to make it healthier and shinier.

Flea Powder: Flea and tick powder is not only effective in eliminating the fleas that are hidden in the coat of your pet but can also prove helpful in terminating the parasites, their larvae and eggs that have spilled out in the areas where your pets tend to roam within the house. The flea powder offered by Hartz is totally non-toxic and leaves behind a mild fragrance of citrus fruit when it is sprinkled on the carpet or upholstery. Flea Sprays: Hartz flea sprays are extremely helpful in providing immediate relief to pets during itching and irritation caused by the fleas. They are equally effective in killing the fleas as well as their eggs, making them most loved by the pets suffering from flea infestation. However, it is important to read all the instructions and take adequate precautions while usage.Flea Collars: Flea and tick collar is another popular Hartz flea control product which is quite effective in keeping these parasites at bay. They keep your pet free from pests for over 6 months without you worrying about any adverse side effects.
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