Gift Ideas For Teachers From Students

       By: Russell Henderson
Posted: 2011-05-31 01:25:37
Are you looking for some special gift for your teacher to tell her how you love and respect her? Well, if you are, then here are some fascinating gift ideas for teachers.The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called "truth." ~Dan RatherI love this quote. Our teachers have always taken care of us in many ways. Right from tying our shoe laces to inspiring us to be what we are. They have always been around us throughout our our childhood as we have spent most hours of the day in school. So let's thank our teachers for all the love and support they have given through this journey. Here are some gift ideas for teachers from students. Cookie Jar
Remember the times you cried in your nursery when you left your mom's hand, and felt as if you were never going to go home? And then the tears were stopped by a cookie in hand that your teacher gave you. This time bake your teacher a few. If you know how to make chocolate chip cookies, bake cookies, wrap each of them in colorful aluminum foils and stick a thank you note on every wrapped cookie. In this way bake around 20 or more cookies and put them in either 2 jars that contain 10 each, or all of them in one big jar. Thank You Notes
Saying a simple thank you will make every teacher feel nice. Buy a small diary and write some thank you quotes or messages from every classmate for her on every page. Decorate this diary with a colorful cover and give it some name. Gift it to your teacher. More on thank you letter to teacher.Candles
If you are good at candle making, then make nice, colorful candles in various shapes and sizes, and put them in a basket or a box and gift it to your teacher. T-Shirt
Buy a white t-shirt and if you are a group of her students, write nice quotes, your thoughts, poems, or whatever you feel about the teacher on the T-shirt. If you don't want to do any of the writing work, you can paint something on it. Another option that you can use is that get a very old class photograph printed on the T-shirt, and get it signed from all the students who are there in the class photo. This can be one of the creative gift ideas for teachers. Read more on t-shirt printing.Burn a CD
Sing all the songs that she taught you and record them with your classmates. Also record the phrases she often uses, or the word that she typically pronounces. Record a memorable incident that happened in your class, or a mimicry of the way she taught you (see to it that you don't hurt her, but make her laugh). If this is not enough, burn some of her favorite songs that she really loves. Scrapbook
Scrapbooks always work; a scrapbook is something that will always make you smile; even if you look at it after 10 years! Take your teacher for lunch or dinner, during the time you spend with her, photograph some special moments. Get these pictures printed and paste them in the scrap book. Make two parts of the scrap book, old times and new days. Stick photographs from school in the old times section and paste the ones you just clicked, in the the new days section. Write few things that you admire about her in the corner of the pages. Surprise her with this scrapbook. More on scrapbooking ideas.Collage
Well, this idea involves photographs again, but this time a collage. Call over your friends and collect all the photographs that you have of your teacher, from school . Make a huge collage of these photographs on a cardboard sheet of a star shape (depicting you teacher as a star). Huge Gift Basket
This might be one of the best gift ideas for teachers. What you have to do is, get a big cane basket. Each of your classmates should buy small gifts for her such as, bracelets, earrings, lip balms, lip gloss, small purse, key chains, a beads necklace, homemade chocolates, books, pens, pen stands, ties, small cards, mugs, hand cream or moisturizer, etc. and put them all in the basket. Well, the best thing about this basket is that there will be a number of gifts inside this gift basket. This might turn out into a really great gift idea.These were a few ideas for teacher gifts. Your teacher will love all of these gift ideas. Gift ideas for teachers from students are easy to implement and the gifts shall surely be treasured by your teachers.
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