Top Places to visit in Washington D.C

       By: Rajesh nair
Posted: 2011-04-20 01:29:03
Washington D.C., the capital city of United States of America is an important centre directly under the federal government. Located in the bank of the river Potomac and bordered by the state Virginia and Maryland the city is the eighth largest metropolitan in the country. Centre of all three branches of federal government the city is decorated with nation’s monuments and museums. The city is also the home of many headquarters of many world organizations like World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organizations of American States, Inter-American Development Bank and the Pan American Health Organization.The district is designed by the nature with three flowing streams, the Potomac River and its two tributaries Anacostia River and Rock Creek. Most of the district is covered with farmlands due to its wet soil and tree covered hills and beautiful parks maintained by the National Park Service make it a picturesque spot to visit in USA holidays.The best time is to visit is in the spring or fall. As the place is surrounded by beautiful parks and tree covered hills, this season beautifies the place with blossoms and colors flooded from the trees and the temperature is comfortable enough to tour all day. And in the fall the crowd is less giving a space to visit the museums and the parks easily.The most important places to visit in this district are starting from architectural monuments of different governing bodies with natural surroundings. The tallest one of them is the Washington Monument and in addition there is the Lincoln memorial commemorating. Others are Smithsonian Institution Museums and Korean War Memorial. The museums which must be seen in the Washington D.C. tours are National Air and Space Museums and National Museum of Natural History. These two museums contain many educational items which must be seen with the kids who can learn many facts from there.The Dupont Circle is another beautiful place with restaurants, fine arts museums, art galleries and book stores. This place also has a beautiful park decorated with fountains which are worth viewing. Another must watch place in the Washington D.C. tours is the Great Falls Park. It’s a gargantuan park on the river Potomac. This park gives an excellent view of natural landmass. Glen Echo Park is another amusement park which can be listed in the tour.Old Town Alexandria in the opposite side of the river Potomac is a historic town which gives witness of Colonial, revolutionary and Civil Wars. This place adds a memory of vintage USA in the USA holidays. Bureau of Engraving and Printing must be queued in the list of Washington D.C. tours to watch the real money being printed. Penn Quarter and Adams Morgan are the best places to enjoy the nightlife of Washington D.C. National Zoo with over 400 species of animals can also consume many hours of a day.
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