Why We Invest in Real estate

       By: ZameenZaidad.
Posted: 2011-04-17 02:01:08
Investment is very necessary for every person. Real estate is an asset form with limited liquidity relative to other investments. We invest in real estate with certain objectives in mind and there are:
• Immediate requirement for residence purpose
• To secure future requirements of family to avoid congestion which will accommodate even division of family.
• For earning rental income after proper construction or say investments in commercial properties.
• To avail long term appreciation on investment in real estate.To invest in real estate one must be conversant with its pros and cons. While deciding to invest in real estate, there are hundreds of things in mind but one must have proper knowledge about real estate market as blind investment in real estate may put the investor to huge losses.We invest in real estate with above mentioned four objectives in mind and each objective calls for particular attention. If we are to invest for immediate residence then its proximity must have all basic amenities. If it is for future requirement then the basic facilities will be developed with the pace of time. If we are to invest in real estate for commercial purpose, the property must be surrounded by good habitation including industrial establishment and if the investment is done purely to avail appreciation in future then the location counts much as such type of properties can be agricultural land, far off residential, commercial or industrial plot as the main objective to invest in real estate is to get best returns/appreciation on log terms basis.
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