What things you should keep in mind when purchasing pearl necklaces

       By: Smith Ryan
Posted: 2011-04-02 02:24:23
Women love necklaces and there are different varieties to satisfy their preferences. There are certain necklaces that are always in style. These look classy and elegant but the greatest advantage is that these go perfectly with any attire. Here mention can be made of pearl necklaces which have always been a favourite with women irrespective of age, race or country. These can be great to gift to somebody during special occasions like weddings, marriage anniversaries, birthdays etc. For some people the pearl happens to be their birthstone so though they wear it as a ring they also make necklaces with pearls. Pearl necklaces have been popular since thousands of years.Natural pearls are expensive because of their rarity but nowadays you get cultured pearls which are affordable without compromising on the quality. If you are a novice you won’t be able to distinguish between a cultured pearl and a natural pearl. If you are looking for pearl necklaces be informed that there are some common types which are available in the market. These are made of pearls like Tahitian, Akoya, Mikimoto and even South Sea ones. If you are looking for the highest quality then go for the Mikimoto pearls. These are available in various colours. For lighter colours like cream, white and silver you can choose the Akoya pearls. If you prefer darker colours then you have to choose either Tahitian or South Sea pearls. Regarding the cost freshwater pearls are cheaper than saltwater pearls so keep this in mind.Determining the length of your necklace is also important. This depends on your age, the size of your neck and your body structure. If you have a short neck, then choose a long necklace and vice versa. Different length pearl necklaces are made to suit the different neck sizes of women. The various types are namely collar, choker, princess, matinee, opera and rope etc. Each type is made focusing on a specific neck size.If you have got a short neck pearl strands will look great on you. Women with thick or heavy necks will look good with pearl chains and those with long thin necks will also look nice with chains of shorter lengths or diamond necklaces. Therefore it is your neck which should determine the style and length of the necklace. With pearls you get a lot of options and since pearls are evergreen you can be sure that you can never go out of style.
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