Is ‘Google Friend Connect’ a Better Way to get Connected ?

       By: John Chris
Posted: 2011-03-02 01:53:07
In today's modern world, social media is touching sky, whether it's about business or personal life, people are linked through it and use it as a way to stay connected with their friends as well as to promote their businesses, firms or companies. As social media is now becoming a successful marketing technique, Google also decided to create a social media service of its own. When Facebook launched ‘Facebook Connect’, at the same time, Google also came up with their service and launched ‘Google Friend Connect’.First of all, let us discuss: What exactly ‘Google friend connect’ is?‘Google friends connect’ is an online service provided by Google which allows users on the Internet to connect with their friends on different websites. The best thing about GFC (Google friend connect) is that it acts as an interactive platform and attracts people with same interests and field. This feature of GFC makes it useable by organizations who want to share the information to their partners working in the same domain of their business. By using this tool, organizations can look forward for marketing campaigns, thereby, attracting potential clients towards their business.It totally depends on a website whether it allows for providing the service to use GFC or not. One can use GFC by using his Google account or any other open ID. If anyone uses the GFC facility on a site, he has to opt for this service by attaching the code given on the site for using the same service. Many companies engaged in mobile software development are fond of GFC to interact with users. Once this is done, the site holding company can invite users from the other social networking sites and can start publishing his activities related to mobile application development. The best part of using GFC is that it provides with many other services such as Google (the Ace of search engines), the friend connect site, user’s present social networking site(if it supports the feature) and also Open ID provider of a user. A user can sign up for the service by providing some basic details. And, if the user is using ‘blogger’ blog then it is easy to use GFC as there is no need to install any other tools in ‘blogger’ blog whereas with other blogging site one has to install the plug-in required for GFC.How to take benefit by using GFC:-
1. A user can start participating on blogs and websites related to his/her interest and post useful comments on that to show presence on the community.
2. Invite other people or friends having same interest because the larger is your network, the faster the user will get promoted.
3. A user can share his innovative ideas within his network. This will help him to grow more by adding more people in his network.
4. A user needs to be an active member so as to view and reply to the latest comments about his product.Apart from all these features, it has been observed that GFC is one of the best ways to keep a user updated about the new postings on the followed blogs .
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