Advantages Of MBA Education

       By: Randy Rodriguez
Posted: 2011-02-28 01:54:21
In today`s world the education which is job oriented is most favored worldwide. The masters of Business Administration (MBA), is among one of the best known professional education. It accelerates the performance of the individual and prepares him/her for the corporate world.Why MBA?
The organization`s environment is becoming day by day complex, there is increased demand of the managers who have that much of capability to take the organization to the road of profits and recognition. Most important character that is demand is the unexpected challenges coming from anywhere in the organization. Decision making, interpersonal relation, cashing the opportunities are also required.The answer to the entire above requirement is an MBA degree from a reputed business school i.e. may be either from native or foreign university. MBA empowers students to develop skills that are highly valued by the organizations.What MBA equips you with?
-Develops stamina to remain stand in the adverse situation
-Develop personality to beat the world
-Tackle the completion in a effective way within a short period of time
-Secure Financial freedom
-Gain the networking resources
-Start your own businessMBA Job market:
Depending on the specialization one has following job prospects are available for MBA students
a)Executive jobs: MBA is the most required degree to hold CEO jobs, CFO jobs, CIO jobs and other C-level jobs
b)Management jobs: MBA Graduates also can start their job as a senior manager as this level of job requires a lot of analytical mind, which is provided by the management education.
c)Consulting Jobs: MBA is most supreme degree is having a prestigious job of consulting to the top level MNC`s. Top universities MBA graduate are mostly absorbed by the consulting firms.
d)Finance/Accounting Jobs: The MBA (Finance) graduates are eligible for the top level financial and accounting jobs in financial institutes/banks etc. These are among the top salaried job in the corporate world. The preference is MBA graduates.
e)Marketing Jobs: MBA (Marketing) is the key to understand the buyer behavior and sell the products. It is even said that if the marketing division of the organization is not performing then the chances are the company will become insolvent. So this position is one of the challenging and highly paid. MBA degrees prepares for this challenge as well.Final words:
MBA is no doubt highly demanded degree. What one requires is the complete dedication during the two year of MBA education. Students have sleepless nights, presentations, assignments, projects and lots of other academic activities for which 24 hour is not enough. Well managed time in these two years make the coming life free from all the worries and life a steeled life with both economic and social freedom.
MBA is that's why called "Jack of all problems"
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