White Gold Promise Rings

       By: Richard Romando
Posted: 2006-06-13 22:41:11
A promise ring is a ring that is given as a promise between two people. This promise need not mean a promise that leads to marriage. White gold promise rings can be exchanged as a sign of friendship, a sign of purity in the relationship between two people, or to signify a promise to oneself to abstain from vices until a certain date.Basically, white gold is an alloy of gold with a mix of nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese. Nowadays, white gold jewelry is sometimes even plated with rhodium. The main reason white gold was developed was to imitate platinum during World War II. This was mainly because platinum was then considered a strategic material and was not allowed to be used in non-military applications like jewelry making. White gold is now one of the foremost metals used in the manufacture of jewelry. The advantage of white gold promise rings over gold promise rings is that these rings can have more articulate designs on them since white gold is more malleable than gold; this malleability allows two friends to easily inscribe sweet wordings.Another advantage of white gold over gold is that it is less expensive than regular gold. It is a form of gold, but at a lower rate. So if money is an important factor while buying a promise ring, it is better to go for the white gold promise rings as they are less expensive, but are still a proud member of the gold metal family!
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