Writing A Proper College Term Paper

       By: Martin Sanchez
Posted: 2011-02-13 22:24:23
Two of the most important parts of a college term paper are the thesis statement and the introduction. You will want to follow these helpful hints before jumping in and writing your paper. The most important part of your college term paper is the thesis statement. In essence, it is the justification for its existence. A good thesis statement should contain the following two elements: the basic argument and a blueprint for the organization of the details that will support your thesis.At the beginning of your brainstorming session, you will more than likely choose a topic for your essay; this is the particular subject that you plan to address regarding your assignment. When you formulate a thesis, you find a specific statement that you want to make about your topic.Rather than just making a statement that revolves around an opinion, your argument must be centered around textual evidence. You cannot simply restate what your source tells you. Your thought must be original that arises from some interesting point, vagary or contradiction within the material.When you write your statement, pinpoint what you are arguing and do not just make a broad generalization. Those who read your essay should know from your thesis exactly what specific arguments you have. You also want to take into consideration the length that you want your paper to be. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of room to fully develop your argument.Perhaps the most important point of all is to make your argument controversial. In your paper, if you want to prove something that is already a given, it will not only prove to be uninteresting and dull but entirely pointless. Your paper should inspire others to want to read it and perhaps come up with a totally different interpretation of the subject.The thesis of your college term paper should act like a blueprint. Not only should it state your argument but it should give an indication of the specific components. Don't think that your thesis has to be just one sentence. You can break it up into a complex thesis and avoid any run-on sentences.When you have decided upon your thesis, you must be able to couch it in such a way that it will be an effective entry into your paper. You can have an awfully good argument, but it will not do very much good if no one wants to read it. Therefore, your introduction should serve as not only a grabber but as a justification.Here are some basic guidelines when writing your introduction:1. Do not summarize: It gets to be very dull when all you do is provide a synopsis of the texts that you are writing about. It may be easy to do this so don't fall into this trap.2. Do not keep reiterating your thesis: In your college essay, your thesis should be in your introduction and should be the culmination of previous thoughts. You do not want to just keep restating your thesis to fill up space in your paragraphs.3. Ask yourself questions: You want to know why your thesis is relevant. What is the relevancy to your thesis and the rest of your paper?4. Be creative: Make your paper as interesting as possible so it will tantalize your subjects to want to read it.There you have it. You need to have a good, well rounded thesis as well as an attention grabbing introduction. With these on your side, you will have a great college term paper.
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