Three Step Solutions For Writing Famous Essay

       By: Roy Griffin
Posted: 2011-01-26 01:19:01
Writing an essay is not everybody's cup of tea and writing an essay on a famous person is a little bit more difficult for it require tremendous amount of research work along with basic knowledge on how to organize famous essay. There are many students who like writing on famous essays on any person but they are not able to meet the standards so why not we help them to get through out of this problem.Following is a brief guideline on how to write famous essays on a person, this will give them a rough idea on how to cope with the difficulties of writing famous essay.Step by step procedure for writing famous essaysStep 1: IntroductionWhat should be included in the introduction?The first step is the introduction in famous essays , as the name indicates it should introduce the topic with a powerful thesis statement because it is the backbone of famous essay. The next thing would be short statements of what should a reader expect in the coming famous essays. The important points that should be incorporated in famous essays is the name of the famous person, birth date, birth place and a bit about the background of his life in the introduction but make sure you are not over writing it.Step 2: BodyWhat should be included in the body?Here, you would be elaborating the points you discussed in the introduction of the famous essays, write the biography of a person which could be ideally divided in three topics that would be discussed in three separate paragraphs while each topic would be supported with one or two topic sentences and with powerful evidences.Step 3: ConclusionWhat should be included in the conclusion?Here, you would be providing a short summary of entire essay in two or three lines and at the end reclaiming that the thesis statement was correct. Remember not to include new information into this section, the conclusion should be crafted as such that it reconnects back to the thesis statement, the topic and the major points of entire famous essay.Final tips that you should remember while writing famous essay:In the introduction, use the name of the personality with his sir name, than only use his last name in the rest of the famous essay.Make sure that you are not excessively using the name of the personality; rather make use of proper noun wherever required.Don't just complete and submit the famous essay, read is again and again to trace out the mistakes so that there are no chances of losing grades.I hope that you have gone through the three step solution for writing famous essays, now, also make sure to implement this strategy while writing your famous essays .Final words of advice is to make an outline and structure before writing famous essay for it will not only save a lot of your time but also make your essay organized, logically structured and coherent.
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