What are PET or PETE Plastic Bottles and their common uses

       By: tracy
Posted: 2011-01-20 01:33:11
P.E.T. or P.E.T.E bottles are frequently used for plastic carbonated beverage and water bottles. PET is an acronym for polyethylene terephthalate,Recycled PET Shopping Tote, a plastic resin and a type of polyester. Manufacturers use PET plastic to package products because of its strength, thermo-stability and transparency. Customers choose PET because it is inexpensive, RPET Bags, lightweight, resealable, shatter-resistant and recyclable. PET bottles are labeled with a resin identification code #1 PETE imprinted on or near the side or bottom of the container. Properties of PET Plastic Bottles Clear and optically smooth surfaces for oriented films and bottles.
Excellent barrier to oxygen, RPET Shopping Bag, water, and carbon dioxide.
High impact capability and shatter resistance.
Excellent resistance to most solvents.
Capability for hot-filling. Common Uses for PET Plastic Bottles Soft Drinks
Sports Drinks
Salad Dressing Products Made with PET Recycled Content Carpet Fiber
Fleece Jackets
Comforter Fill
Tote Bags
Food Containers
Water Bottles
Plastic Film & Sheet
Plastic Strapping
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