The Gods of Small Things – South India Tours

       By: Aalia Khan
Posted: 2011-01-06 06:17:12
India covers such a vast geographic territory that its parts can be talked about in isolation and it is almost like talking like an entire country in it. Regions in India differ in their landscape, climate, culture and tradition. The one thing which is common no matter where you go is the magic and sense of fulfillment you are bound to experience.South India Tours are extremely fascinating. The region is steeped in religion and fine art. You will find plenty of temples, monasteries and churches. Each state in South India has its own unique flavour and character which helps contribute to the diversity of the country.Andhra Pradesh is most commonly known for housing the most prosperous and revered temple in the world. The temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is located in Tirupati, a small town on a hill. Regarded most highly by every Hindu in India, this temple attracts millions of devotees all year round. Some come with faith which cannot be deterred, while others come out of sheer curiosity. The capital city of the state, Hyderabad, is extremely popular for its Moghul influence. You will find plenty of Muslim flavour in the architecture, food and even customs in this area. Pearls and semi precious stones are a speciality of Hyderabad.Karnataka is a delight for travellers. The coast has access to some of the most pristine beaches. The capital Bangalore and its twin Mysore are famous for their gardens, sights and also hospitable climate. The ruins of Hampi have a place in history, and make a breathtaking sight for all tourists. Apart from this, there are several temples which can be visited. Shravanabelagola in Karnataka boasts of the tallest statue of Lord Mahavira, the God of the Jain faith.Kerala is South India’s answer to paradise in nature. Its abundant coastline, uninterrupted sea breeze and magic chest of spices make it sought after. There is so much to be treasured and explored that a lifetime can be invested in studying its glory. There can never be a dull moment. Boat races, tours of ancient churches, a ride through the backwaters and even a walk through spice plantations are just some of the marvels that are nestled within Kerala. There is something for the beach lover, adventure enthusiast, historian and even the ailing. Ayurvedic treatments have gained fame and repute in Kerala, and continue to be among the popular reasons to visit it.Tamil Nadu has the privilege of having the southernmost city of the country. Kanyakumari or Cape Comorin as it is also known places before you a confluence of three limitless water bodies that merge into one. Also among highlights of the state are the Marina Beach and temples of Madurai, Tanjore and Rameshwaram. Pondicherry offers a unique experience. Its French influence is seen in the life and culture even today and there is still a significant expatriate population present. The Aurobindo ashram has thousands of Indians and foreigners who visit seeking tranquillity and deliverance. There are also several hill stations which make for wonderful honeymoon and romantic tours.South India has a balance of romance, mysticism and adventure. Its evolved science of medicine has many takers who make travel plans and look for holistic treatments. Its greatness cannot be described in words alone. It must be experienced.Aalia Khan has deep interest in writing informative articles on Travel and tourism India. Also given her words to a portal for India Tours where one can find info on South India Tours and get the best India tour packages. Explore:-
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