Nokia E72 Price Comparison - How to Find Cheap Deals?

       By: Balajee Kannan
Posted: 2010-10-31 07:35:27
Nokia E72 is sleek and savvy phone which provides every feature possible from a business point of view. It is competent and looks amazing in its silver metal color. It is also available in Black and Gold but a favorite choice from consumer's end has been the silver. At present the price of Nokia E72 in Singapore is approximately $750.For those looking for a bargain you should probably visit Mega marts like Mustafa, open 24 hours and a favorite tourist spot for Tourists. It also provides features like Foreign exchange which makes it easier for you to shop for your favorite gadgets. Looking to buy an E72 but at a bargain discounted price? Try Mustafa.People willing to buy second hand products can also go to Mustafa as you will get a lower price than the new one. Gumtree Singapore is a great site as you can find someone wanting to resale their mobiles. You can get a cheap deal of Nokia E72 for about as less as $300 to $350. Residents of Singapore put up their various commodities including mobiles for sales here through personal ads.A better version of sale would be on eBay. A Nokia E72 is priced as low as $400. eBay is highly reliable and is the most preferred site in the world. A heavy consumerism site, you can find some of the cheapest deals on it.There are many websites which also offer competitive prices, a Nokia E72 for $460. It is somewhere close to what eBay offers give and take a few dollars here and there. Whymobile also offers a trade in policy where you can resale your old one for a new one with the resale values listed on their site. How is that for a deal?On the other hand, Mobilesquare is offering a higher price of $520 for a Nokia E72, an agent set, for a sign line set the price is $470 still more than other places. The best feature about online shopping is that you can compare prices on the web instead of roaming store to store.
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