How to Build Muscles

       By: Andrew Kwon
Posted: 2010-10-31 05:56:43
Bodybuilding is a hobby for many people. Whether it be young or old, when you go to a gym you see people in all sizes. This is for your image to other people. Everyone cares for how they look, why shouldn't you? People will judge by the way other people look, maybe you don't care, that's good for you. But people who do care, like teenage boys should start building nice muscle.Tips on building muscle are things you need to take into mind. They will help you and you need to implement what is told to you. You got to stop being lazy and do what needs to be done. Then maybe you will find the self confidence you always seek.Watch what you eat: This can be one of the most important part of your daily exercise. You meal plan, it always depends on what you do for that day. Maybe you worked out and wore out all your muscles, then eat a lot. This will help you rebuild your muscles. Meat will be a good after workout snack. Watch for simple calories and bad sugars. You should take in calories that will help you become healthy instead of overweight. Always watch out for what you eat, but eat hearty and healthily.Sleep: Did anyone tell you that sleep is the most important part of your day. This is where your body rejuvenates all it's energy. This is where you grow your body, whether it be in height or in muscle. Make sure to take some slow-digesting protein or simple milk before you go to bed. It will help with the muscle building process. Remember that building muscle is breaking up your muscles than rebuilding itself to become bigger. To become bigger you need good food. Which is why food is what you need.Goals: Always set out goals. This is the best way to achieve what you want to be. This works for life as well as your workout routine. Maybe you want to hit a certain number in bench or in dumbbell curls. You have to work for your desire. This fuels your passion in the things you do. Goal setting is a major key part of life. Maybe you told yourself, I'm going to get _____. And you did, that right there, is goal setting. It helps you achieve it in a faster rate. It drives you to do it. Goal setting in both body building and life will be worth it.Remember that you can implement everything into everything. From bodybuilding to your daily life, you can learn new things everyday. But make sure you are healthy and alive. Be well and optimistic in what you're doing, don't think of anything as a chore. Think fun and fun will come to you.
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