ATV Clubs - The Way To Go!

       By: Jackie Corey
Posted: 2010-10-26 08:28:22
There are many advantages to joining an ATV club, and these clubs are plentiful. You can find one in your area by searching online.Clubs are where you will find others, like you, with a passion for being a part of the great outdoors. The fellowship and knowledge you get from joining a group on a day trip or a camp out is invaluable.These groups are family oriented and geared for the enjoyment of everyone. If you're new to ATV riding, there may be workshops for learning the ropes for safe and enjoyable riding. The friendly people there will help you with tips they have learned from experiences - both good and bad. Even the little ones can ride their mini quads and learn to do it safely. Responsible and safe driving is always encouraged.There may or may not be dues, but dues are generally minimal. The fun and information you gain from joining a group of like minded people is well worth the dues, if there are any.Sponsored races and rodeos may be a part of your club's activities for your family's entertainment, but there is also volunteer work for keeping public lands open and accessible. BLM and the USFS reap the benefits of those who want to clean the forests and work on creating and maintaining trails that are open to all. ATV clubs support keeping trails open and safe in this way.Clubs may have trail rides two or three times a month which are available to all skill levels. So, find a group and enjoy your ATV completely in a safe way.
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