What to do if your SLR lens is faulty

       By: Phillipe Smith
Posted: 2010-10-10 07:59:32
Many users of SLR lenses are disappointed when they receive their lens and find that it does not work as expected. This can be either because the lens is out of focus or there may be bigger problems like image quality issues. What are the troubleshooting steps that one should take, before returning the lens to the supplier? Follow our guide to help you troubleshoot your lens.Firstly, the lower the f rating then the harder the lens is to focus. This is especially true for auto focusing systems. If your photos are not turning out sharp, then go online and find out how soft or hard the lens is meant to be. Others may have a similar experience with the softness of the image at large aperture. Check that you are using the right technique, such as using spot focus on the eyes of the subject, and that the subject is not moving towards or away from you too quickly while you take the shot. You may find that setting the auto focus of single may not be sufficient, and that you need to change the setting to servo mode to allow continuous focusing on the subject.It helps to play around with different spots when it comes to focusing. Choosing different locations to spot on the frame may yield different results, since lens are hardly perfectly constructed. Many users print out a focus sheet, but these can also cause problems since they are effectively two dimensional. Try to find a real three dimensional object to focus on, and one that does not have sharp corners. It helps to have a subject with high contrast to assist the auto focusing.Some users find that focusing on infinity before focusing on their subject helps. This will zero in the dial and provide a good reference point, before the lens is able to correctly focus on the right subject.As a final test, try using the live view mode and focusing using the LCD screen. Many will find that focusing using this method will yield good results. With focusing using the viewfinder, if your lens is forward to rear focusing, then using this method will help you get sharp photos. However, if none of these methods can help you, then unfortunately you will need to bring the lens to the authorized repairer to calibrate. This will involve adjusting the internal mechanics of the lens.
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