Car Insurance and Driving Under the Influence

       By: Neetalia Jones
Posted: 2010-09-18 06:07:35
Given the fact that driving under the influence is equally hazardous for driver as well as innocent people getting affected, no car insurance policy will cover you.After all, driving under the influence is an illegal act and therefore, the liability to settle a claim does not rest with the car insurance company. Still If companies tend to cover then dui insurance rates are far expensive than one could think. As a precautionary measure, every car insurance company as a system, regularly checks driving records if someone is found having drunken driving conviction, the driver’s dui auto insurance may get rejected or the premium amount may get raised. This rise in the premium amount of some car insurance companies may be so exorbitant that looks like a denial of particular motor insurance continuity. However, this is not a final call and having seen a notably safe driving record once again, the insurer company may re-issue the driver’s car insurance or the premium rate back to usual. The only hope for drivers having found offender for driving under the influence are those car insurance companies which tend to provide insurance to such people.Such companies gamble on those drivers with poor driving records with the philosophy to opportune them to start a fresh.However, the car insurance premium rates may be exceedingly high for drivers with poor records and precedence of driving under the influence.Question of claim for affected third party, in case offended for driving under the influence, is equally crucial. The news in this case could be quite relieving that affected third party is eligible for damages even though the accident got caused under the influence of alcohol. Still if the person has dui record in the past and wants to take care of it in future that he will not drive under influence, can compare the insurance rates by taking online auto insurance quote.Despite the leniency of some car insurance providers being hope for evidently drunk and rash drivers, honorable courts reserve the right to decide who shall pay the damages. In all likelihood, court can charge the car owner to bear the treatment cost of the affected, as also himself to bear the repairs of the accidental vehicle.
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