Free Help With Foreclosure

       By: Jill Borash
Posted: 2010-09-08 05:06:16
There are many free resources out there to help with foreclosure. There are just as many scams so be careful of where you look for help. A good thing to keep in mind is that you should never have to pay for help to get out of foreclosure unless you get an attorney. There are many national and local resources that can help you for free. So what are they and how do you find them?Some national resources are:Homeowners' HOPE Hotline: 888-995-HOPEThis hotline connects you for free with foreclosure counselors that can help you analyze your entire financial situation. They can help you come up with solutions to your problems. They will also send you a packet with the information that you talked about as well as additional resources.HUD: is both a national and possibly a local resource. HUD has regional offices with counselors that can help with foreclosure. They have a lot of information on their website to help you. Meeting with a counselor at one of their offices can also be helpful in being able to stop mortgage foreclosure.Some local resources are:Your state, city and/or county offices. Many states have foreclosure hotlines or other resources to help with foreclosure. Because every state's laws are different, it is important to utilize these resources. They can help you understand what the laws are for your state. City and county resources can be helpful too. I know that the county I live in offers free foreclosure classes. Your city or county may offer you the same thing. It would be worth a few phone calls to find out.If you are in foreclosure, you already have enough financial problems. You should not have to add to them by paying for help with foreclosure. Take advantage of the free resources out there to help you. Get more free tips at
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