How to Clear Acne Fast - What Worked For Me

       By: George Spence
Posted: 2010-08-23 05:07:01
In my case, I had to stop using face cosmetics. Some of the cosmetics I was using (as I found out) were causing acne as they were plugging the pores on my face. The chemicals in the products I was using caused irritation to my face and skin pores and the main culprits were mineral oil lanolin parabens propylene glycol.From then onwards, I would check the labels of the face cleansing products to make sure I would not be affected. I also discovered that many soaps and sunscreens contained these chemicals. After some research, I discovered it was better for me to avoid oil based make up and use water based instead. It took a short while but I did find some products that suited my skin.What else? I also discovered that many of the commercial soaps were filled with chemicals that irritated and made my acne worse. So it was a case of once again reading the labels and only using soaps which contained pure ingredients.And I also cut back on the amount of times I would wash my face in a day and found out my skin retained more of its natural protective oil as opposed to being too dry.To dry my face, I now just put the skin with a nice warm towel. This helps to bring the circulation to the surface, open up the skin pores and remove anything which may cause a blockage. Just like many others, I used to scrub my skin dry with the towel. Little did I know that this does not help clear the skin pores.I also came across another piece of advice which seems to make sense. The advice was to avoid touching your face with your hands as much as you can, to avoid any bacteria which may be on the surface of your hands being transferred to your face. It also said to try and lay on your back while sleeping and avoiding contact between the pillow and the face. I will admit that this is not easy for me to do as I fidget when I sleep but as I said before, it seems to make sense.I have read a lot on the subject of how to clear acne fast. I don't claim to be an expert. I am just telling you what worked for me.A lot of my success came from an ebook I read and by following the information, my acne cleared up in under 10 days.To read more about my struggles with acne and what I did to become acne free, visit my site.Trying to find out how to clear acne fast?There are so many medications and aids available so how do you decide what is for you?To find out what worked for me and how I discovered how to clear acne fast, visit
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