How to Create a Healthy Eating Menu

       By: Becki Andrus
Posted: 2010-08-21 05:07:15
Many women find that between work, family, and their social life it can be quite difficult to develop an eating plan to suit your family's needs. Most people go to the grocery store with a list of foods that their household is currently out of. The best way to go shopping is to develop a menu each week, or every two weeks, in order to get a good look at what you need. In order to begin shopping for whole foods and planning a whole foods menu each week there are three things you should take into account: which foods your family likes now, which foods you can easily switch over or introduce into your household, and how many meals you actually plan on making over the course of a week.If your family is heavy into bread, there's a whole grain version of that. If your family is heavy into canned fruits, there's a whole food solution for that, too. The answer to changing around your diet and maximizing your benefits with whole foods is to consider the things you know your family will eat right off the bat. Once you've established that you're going to start buying whole grain cereals and breads, then move on to whole fruits. It's quite simple to prepare them by cutting them up and prepackaging snacks yourself. You won't just be cutting costs by buying fresh, unprocessed food, but you'll also be cutting the overall time your family spends preparing snacks and meals by doing it all in just one day.How can you easily make the switch to whole foods? While it's best to stay honest and tell your family that you're going to make the switch, sometimes it doesn't go over with every household member like you thought it would. This can be a real problem come lunch or dinner time and can affect the overall mood of your family in general. While no one likes to argue, sometimes introducing whole foods is best when kept a secret. Slowly working in foods like beans and legumes can be difficult when your family knows outright what's coming - especially if your little ones are convinced that they all ready despise the food.Finally, shopping with a simple list might seem like a great idea, but the truth is that you will end up making more return trips to the store than you originally intended - which can ultimately lead to temptation. When you develop a weekly menu, you should plan your meals with the idea that you can reuse items from the previous day in the next meal. For example, if you're making hashbrowns with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic potatoes, you might want to incorporate the potatoes and EVOO into dinner that night by using them together with garlic and onion in a roasting pan. You shouldn't be discouraged by the first or second meal and should remember that menu planning is always a work in progress.Don't miss out on the advantages of enjoying healthy eating habits everyday! Locate TONS of free health information in one spot at our website:
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