Benefits of Regular Exercise

       By: Josef Mack
Posted: 2010-08-10 07:56:57
As much as it may sound like a cliche, it happens to be very true; exercise is the key to good health. I'm sure you must have seen people who smoke, drink and gobble junk food like crazy and live a long life. But don't be fooled; their lives are full of complications that you may not know of. I can point out a few people I know who have absolutely no health problems and are habitual exercisers.The two scenarios mentioned earlier can be utilized at our discretion. But, do you really want to live such a life? If not, then make sure exercise is routine for you. Do not let anything clash with your exercise time; that is the only time you have to replenish your energy.To help you explain the phenomenon of exercise, take an example of a car that is only taken out on Sundays and that is just to go to church. Your son returns from his vacations and takes your car on the expressway. He may have been looking forward to smooth fast drive, but that is not quite possible with a car that has never been used that way before. In order to have it run like your son wants, it has to be taken out of its garage most everyday and should be driven at all speeds. Similar is the case with our bodies; if you don't expose it to such exercises, you'll become stiff and your muscles will atrophy.One very important reason for exercising is simply building up the stamina to carry out other functions in your body. When you exercise, you activate your hormones, digestive system, blood circulation, brain function and everything else.Let's start with explaining how you attract toxins from breathing them in from the atmosphere. They keep building up over time and make you vulnerable to many illnesses.Once the problem starts, you feel the uneasiness and take a pain reliever or a similar drug that can help you move on with the day. You need to submit in a presentation and you miss out on that important sleep; rather, grab some food from a fast food restaurant and continue your day. Now your body completely gives up to the illness and your body is knocked off its feet.Stress that is a part of everyone's life can be handled by our bodies to a certain extent. When the stress escapes your control and seems aggravating enough to break you down, that's when exercise can put everything in control again. Exercising helps deal with excessive stress. So take some time out from your stressful schedules and allow yourself to expend some energy.Next, if you want to start jogging and stay inspired, please visit: Beginner Jogging Tips now.For a free Metabolism 101 report, go right now and visit Metabolism Secrets Explained.
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