Federal Law Enforcement Career

       By: Michael Ekman
Posted: 2010-07-26 07:54:23
For a career in Federal Law Enforcement the applicant needs to be between 21 and 37 years of age, a United States Citizen, be able to pass a back ground check and a physical. For many jobs a degree in Criminal Justice or Criminology would also be needed. Many instructors in these courses are not able to advise students properly about Federal Law Enforcement Career opportunities requiring advice to be sought else ware.There are many different types of Federal law Enforcement fields to investigate before making a decision as to which one would be of interest. Some would require additional study, such as Forensic Science or Criminal Investigation.Three fields which vary in location and duties as examples of what is available for consideration are US Capital Police which offers a salary range of $50,000 to $58,000 per year and is located in Washington, DC. Duties are similar to those with any major police force except it is protecting the United States Capital.Or Criminal Investigator (Export Control Office) at International Trade Administration with a salary of $72,000 to $106,648 per year and is located in Hong Kong, China. The duties consist of working with foreign trade and helping provide information to US Embassy officials regarding international import and export activities.Or Public Defense Investigator at Federal Public Defenders Office offering a salary of $50,541 to $85,123 per year and located in Nashville, Tennessee. The duties involved within this job covers from interviewing witnesses to serving subpoenas for Federal Courts as well as all other needed actions for a federal trial to evolve properly.These are only three examples of the many available jobs offering excellent pay and great benefits packages for your consideration when seeking employment within the Federal Law Enforcement field. Jobs range from Park Ranger, Prison Guards and Mine Safety and Health to Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security, Border Patrol and all types of jobs where ever special protection is needed.There is a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco Georgia offering much of the training required for a Career in Federal Law Enforcement.When signing up for your course of study check into information on Student Aid which is available at most Colleges and Universities once you have signed up for a course of study. There are several different forms of Student Aid available, all dependent on your financial situation and any scholarships you may already have earned. Once you're through the training there are several options for you in seeking Federal Police Jobs.http://federalpolicejobs.us
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