Bathroom Interior Design Tips

       By: Stefano Grossi
Posted: 2010-07-26 07:50:43
We all use our bathrooms everyday and that is reason enough to have a well-designed, functional and attractive bathroom. Apart from aesthetic considerations, functionality also plays a major role in the design of bathrooms. Plumbing fixtures are the basic requirements. With the host of options, you could be confused over the right fixtures for your bathroom. However, with a little research and your budget in mind, you could choose the plumbing fixtures including faucets and pipes for your bathroom.The bathroom tiles are an integral part of your bathroom d├ęcor too. You can choose to place color tiles on the floor so it is not easily discolored and unique color tiles on the wall in various combinations for a great look.Bathroom Lighting - Light it Right!There are a wide variety of light fixtures available for the bathroom and you can choose one for your bathroom depending on the existing light and ventilation. Consider the size of your bathroom before you choose light fixtures too. Smaller bathrooms can also appear spacious with the use of lights. Consult an interior decorator to determine the right lights for your bathroom.Storage Space in BathroomsIt goes without saying that you need storage space in your bathrooms too. There are a number of things most of us store in our bathrooms including toiletries, towels, medicines, magazines and the laundry basket too. If the theme of your bathroom is minimalist, a white cupboard will suit the overall look. However, pine cupboards will look great in a rustic style bathroom.Safety in Design It is important to consider all aspects of safety, especially in the bathroom where water and electricity can come into contact with each other. Ensure that the electrical outlets are safe and not positioned close to sources of water. Look out for old, damaged outlets, which may lead to unforeseen accidents too.If you require help on designing a new bathroom or decorating an existing one to suit your needs and budget, get more information on interior design tips and services. Our interior designers will work with you to create a comfortable and livable space in the shortest time.
Stefano Grossi
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