How Many Trucks can a Texas Truck Wash Wash?

       By: Lance Winslow
Posted: 2006-09-23 23:53:02
You have all heard of the saying; How much wood can a wood chuck chuck? Well, How Many Trucks can a Texas Truck Wash Wash? Recently someone who manages a truck wash in Texas on I-10 in the middle of nowhere told a truck driver that they washed 200 trucks every day. Well, that is not really the truth, although on their busiest day they once did? Of course at the end of the very long day lots of wood chucks crashed hard and we so tired they could barely stand up the next day.Can a truck wash wash 200 trucks in a single day? Yes that could be, because lots of folks like to "Tell tall tales in Texas!" You see, I was talking with the Houston Truck Wash on the dirt lot side yard at Pilot Truck Stop and he had one bay, and that place is a dive and he told me they did 45 per day, working 10 hours, but it took them 40 minutes to clean my truck, now some were just tractors and dump trucks, but still, I always questioned it.The Hispanic Gentleman who ran the place and leased the bay from the Truck Repair guy said he was building a new truck was on the East Side of Houston, but I could never find it when I drove by. Now they did do a good job, but when you pull out, you are still on dirt and get dusted as you leave, that sure is a big bummer? Perhaps the truck wash manager embellished things a tad bit in Texas, what do you think?
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