Manifesting Money Affirmations - Will Affirmations Really Help You?

       By: Dan Kyle Ayrev
Posted: 2010-07-20 06:52:00
Did you know that, if all manifesting money affirmations are effective, at least 80% of the people who use them would be millionaires by now?But the harsh reality is that people who say to themselves "I am a millionaire" actually end up feeling worse after some time. Which begs, the question, are affirmations really effective?Only If They Feel True...Manifestations are only effective if they feel true to you. If they don't, then you're setting yourself up for failure.If you want to work with affirmations, trying working with general affirmations first, like "Everyday in every way I'm getting better." It's general enough that it doesn't encounter any resistance from your being, but also powerful enough to inspire your being.Forming Affirmations In Your Being...Here's a method that's way more effective than simply repeating affirmations to yourself.1. Ask yourself what you wantThis is actually the first step of the process. However, most prosperity teachers stop at this point and tell you to start working on your affirmations right away. If you've tried doing this, has it worked for you?2. Ask a question that assumes that what you desire has already come true.If you want to be happy, ask yourself "Why am I so happy right now?"This is the critical part of the manifestation process. Asking yourself a question that assumes what you want has already manifested does one important thing: it clears the communication lines between you and yourself, and you and the world outside of you.The ancient Emerald Tablet, which is the ancestor of all Law of Attraction books, states it so clearly "As above, so below."So, when everything is aligned, there's nothing you can do but manifest what you desire.3. Give in to the questionYou can do this by meditating, praying, writing down your question, or repeating it to yourself. Don't worry about the answer, just give in to the question. When you ask yourself the question, your mind will automatically focus on things you've probably never focused on before. When you do this, you'll get amazing results.You can give yourself to the question by doing things like:4. Take new ACTIONS based on your insightsWhen you do this long enough, you're bound to discover new insights about yourself. But it's not enough that you have these insights. Without ACTION, nothing will ever happen. So, go ahead and ACT when you do get the insight.
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