Halton Borough Council reduces water wastage with AquaFund

       By: Oly Clay
Posted: 2010-07-05 08:36:56
Halton Borough Council has made significant savings on water usage in the last two years, reducing consumption by more than 50%.In October 2008 Halton entered into a three year contract called AquaFund from a company called ADSM which specialises in water management.ADSM installed water-saving technologies at numerous corporate sites at their expense, then on an ongoing basis they provided a water usage monitoring service.This means any leaks in the system are detected early which enables engineers to carry out speedy repairs to further cut wastage.A proportion of the income they generate then goes to WaterAid, a charity that helps developing countries with projects for clean water and sanitation. Halton Borough Council has made a huge contribution towards WaterAid's work and this is shown in their Sustainability Update - http://www.adsm.com/sustainability-update/Halton-Borough-Council.pdfHalton Borough Council's executive board member for Resource, Cllr Mike Wharton, said: "We have seen dramatic effects at certain sites. We have reduced consumption at The Stobart Stadium, Halton, by 50% - obviously our water bills have reduced accordingly."With our continued drive for better efficiency and looking after our resources for the sake of the environment, this is a very good deal for the people of Halton."At the end of the three-year period when the contract ends all the equipment becomes the property of the council, the reduced consumption continues and Halton retains 100% of the savings.
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