How Fast can Truck Washes wash Trucks?

       By: Lance Winslow
Posted: 2006-09-22 22:08:55
If you are considering starting a truck wash business then you are going to need to calculate how many trucks you can wash an hour during peak periods to figure out if the entrepreneurial building of such a project makes sense. So how many trucks per hour or day can a truck wash clean? Well I understand some robotic truck washes claim 8-13 minutes so it is possible, only unlikely. As, there would be time when there were no trucks to wash if you cleaned them that fast there might never even be a line?There are a couple of Little Sister Truck Washes in CA, which wash 200 trucks a day on certain days, but not consistently. Most good truck washes have lines, so a steady stream on I-10, I-95, I-40, I-70 or I-80 is indeed possible indeed.But realistically speaking most truck washes will average 40 trucks per day to 70 trucks per day. Even so that is a pretty good haul for a days work and depending on the price point is not too shabby. There of course the super stars of truck washing and the efficiency of large chain truck washes who have better average rates on a 10-12 hour day.Even some other truck washes, which are literally open 24/7 to handle the traffic and the volume of business. Skeleton crews in the middle of the night, but they are washing trucks through out. Perhaps you will consider this when putting together your business plan for your future truck wash business.
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