Texas Corridor Super Highway Considered

       By: Lance Winslow
Posted: 2006-09-22 22:07:39
One of the greatest transportation projects to come along in the last 100 years in the United States has to be the plan for the new Texas court or superhighway. Now many people in Texas have no problem with the Texas court or highway, unless of course their property happens to be in the way and might become a victim of eminent domain.Indeed Texas politics are filled with controversies over Eminent Domain, and so often full and fair market value was not paid, which is also an issue, if you will remember some of the baseball stadiums and controversies in TX. President Bush almost had an issue with that in his political career.For those who do have it come thru their property, they might be able to work something very good out with it. I see all the issues and yet I know it is needed. NIMBY; Not in My Back Yard is a problem in this country so is; NOPE or Not On Planet Earth. And unfortunately the real issue is that everyone ties it all up in the courts and everyone loses.The truth is that the Texas court or superhighway makes sense and we will need more of those in the United States as our nation grows to 420 million people by the year 2020. We will need bigger highways and freeways to move more freight and people and we need to get a move on and start building these projects now. Sure it is a massive undertaking, but if we don't do that to you imagine the traffic gridlock in 20 years.
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