Is Your Website Out of Date?

       By: John J Holland
Posted: 2010-05-16 07:12:00
Is it time for your business to have a website makeover? Screen resolution standards, layout trends, artistic design and marketing are undergoing changes all of the time. If your website design was cutting edge a few years ago, it is most likely out of date today. You can think of a website makeover as the paint, cleaning & updates you would automatically do for a physical storefront-- These are the regular maintenance tasks that you do to ensure the public that you are not only still open for business but are also doing well.How do you know when it is time for a website makeover?With a physical storefront it is easy to tell when a fresh new coat of paint is needed or your displays or furniture is out of date, but knowing when the time is ripe for a website redesign can be slightly more difficult. The best way to check if your website is behind in the times is to do some surfing around the web. Make a list of competitor websites as well as websites that you regularly frequent and compare those sites to your own website. By comparing your website to other websites, you will begin to notice what works and what doesn't work-- then you'll be able to assess your own website more accurately.Modern website design focuses on making information clear and concise, presenting your company and your products in the best possible light. Internet marketing has become more sophisticated, therefore methods have been developed that allow for layouts that maximize exposure and encourage web surfers to interact, join, purchase and collaborate. A website redesign will allow you to take advantage of these advances in internet marketing.Size does matter...The most noticeable sign that you need a website makeover is the width of your website. With more and more computers being sold with widescreen monitors (especially laptops), your site that was originally designed for 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution will now look very small on a 1280 x 960 or larger screen resolution. The ideal width for the modern website is between 950 and 970 pixels wide. That size range is perfect because it not only caters to widescreens (if designed properly), but also still works for the commonly used 1024 x 768 screen resolution.If your website was created a few years ago, there's a good chance that your site was designed to accommodate smaller screen resolutions and needs to be brought up to date. On modern computer screens, your website could look very small and insignificant.Content is King!One of the best things you can do to help bring your website up to date is to update your website content. Every page on your website is a chance for you to capture the interests of a visitor. With properly developed text and images that are up to date with the times, you'll be able to maximize your conversion from visitor to customer. Your text should be compelling-- Talk to the reader, don't talk at them. Treat the site visitor as if you were sitting across the table drinking coffee with them and don't forget to include a call to action. You can stand in front of a door all day long telling people about all of the wonderful things they'll see on the other side of that door-- But if you don't tell them to go thru the door, they probably never will!On top of your compelling text (whether it's about your products or about your services), you should always have a call to action that encourages the reader to want to proceed with contacting you, buying from you or signing up with your newsletter or program.Website makeovers are designed to give your business the greatest edge by presenting your business or organization in the best possible light. Modern web design is clear, crisp, highly readable and encourages visitors to become customers. You want your business to put on its best possible face, to look fresh, enticing, and most of all-- Current. You wouldn't wear clothes that are outdated and out of fashion-- It'd make you look unprofessional and out of sync with what's current. Put your website in your shoes (just not your old ones).Keep your website looking its best and producing its best with a website redesign by JH Studios. Not only can we help you redevelop your website with a modern look & feel, we can also help market your website and get it to show up higher on Google. Higher placement on Google means more traffic-- That mixed with informative well developed content and a good call to action means a higher chance for customer conversion!JH Studios is a Tampa web design and marketing firm that helps businesses of all sizes build their brand and focus their marketing efforts for optimum Return on Investment (ROI). From powerful websites and Search Engine Optimization to full color business cards, postcards, brochures & door hangers and logo imprinted promotional products, JH Studios has all of the business marketing tools and services that you need to build and market your brand.
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