FIFA World Cup 2010- Who will win?

       By: Dhody Brown
Posted: 2010-05-15 08:15:13
In less than a month the titans of football meet in South Africa for the 19th FIFA World Cup Live 2010. This edition may be quite special as the strongest teams on the planet are qualified and will put up a marvelous show. There are 32 teams competing, one of them being the team of the host country, South Africa. As usual most of the teams, thirteen in this particular case, come from the place this game is most beloved: Europe.
Fans from all around the world will be headed to Cape Town to see who will win the 420 million dollars prize FIFA has confirmed. The amount is huge, but that is the second best thing the winning team will get. The first is international recognition, applause and sincere appreciation.There are ample discussions about who will win this year. Brazil seems to be the country everybody has in mind when thinking of the favorite. They are known for the show they put up for the public, but will they win? Brazil is not the only one though. Some say Spain has a greater change this year with Fernando Torres and David Villa strengthening the team.
Italy the 2006 tournament winner is one of the favorites, but there are some concerns that the team isn`t in such a good shape as four years ago although they have an indestructible goalkeeper. The surprise in this list is Germany which isn`t known for having outstanding or at least famous football players at the moment, but works extremely well as a team (like a German car motor) and that might just be the winning argument.Argentina also springs into a lot of minds as Maradona declared he will not abandon ship and continue to manage the team and they also have Leo Messi which is known to be an exquisite player.But a show of this proportion has to have surprises of even greater proportions. Who knows if the Cup will not be won by one of the six African countries? Maybe even South America. Whatever it may be I hope someone will still be there to watch as a few weeks ago there were still available tickets, a clear signs that South Africa although very attractive is rather far away. Or maybe is just the fault of High definition TVs` and hi-fi stereos` systems but nothing can compare with watching your favorite team struggling for success, live, on the field.
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