How to Finance a Car Loan If You Have Bad Credit

       By: Chris Goodman
Posted: 2010-05-08 09:05:07
People have all kinds of problems when in search of a automobile loan today, especially one for consumers with bad credit. From lenders not needing to or wanting to lend like they used to and those that are lending have tightened up their standards so tightly that no one qualifies any longer. Credit circumstances are different for everyone but the very fact still remains that all of us need a automobile today. Here are a few guidelines you need to know no matter your credit condition.Poor Credit History: When you are a consumer who has less than perfect credit, you still have many options. Online lenders these days are accepting applications from consumers of all credit types. The difference being that consumers having a poor credit history will be limited to the on the amount of money they can borrow and can be required to place a bigger down payment towards their purchase. In fact, in some cases, the lender may limit the type of vehicle you can purchase. The internet once more is usually a great place to do research to find the best deal.Superior Credit History: For someone who is buying a car or truck which has a good credit score, you are going to have many options to choose from. The best way to find the right option for you is to get on the web. Most lenders have become online offering automobile loans and some even publish their rates online. After you have done your research, choose a lender you have faith in and apply on the internet. More times than not, you will get a better finance offer online than you can through a dealer. Unless a dealer is offering subvention rates like 0% interest, online is your best choice. Even when the dealer rate looks more attractive, you are in some cases better off taking the rebates offered and pay a slightly higher rate whether through the dealer or online.More than likely the lender will also require that you purchase that new or used vehicle at a franchise dealer meaning one with a popular brand in their name (like Ford, Honda, Toyota, etc). Remember that this is not a bad thing. In fact, purchasing from a franchise dealer actually has many advantages to you. Not only are the cars you buy typically better quality, but they are better maintained and the dealer is more likely to stand behind it if something were to go wrong with it. You may think that special ride you saw on that used car dealers lot is the one for you, but you will be happy that you decided to purchase from a new car dealership.You do not need to purchase and finance a car the same way you always have. The web gives you many options for you to consider. These are a few of the advantages to getting your next bad credit car loan online. Do not forget to spend time doing the research necessary to insure you get the best financing for your situation. You can find out more about getting any type of car loan including a bad credit car loan and useful negotiation tips online at OpenRoad Lending.About the Author: Chris Goodman has been in the auto finance business for more than 20 years and has assisted thousands of consumers with their car loan needs. His articles are insightful and assist consumers in understanding the ins and outs of auto finance. OpenRoad Lending is an online lender with a consumer friendly website providing auto financing solutions to consumers in the process of purchasing a new or used vehicle or refinancing their existing auto. Visit the website at for more information about how easy it is to get a car loan.
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