Mothers Day in Japan and flowers

       By: Sharleen Devid
Posted: 2010-04-24 06:23:40
Mother's Day was celebrated in Japan as early as 1913, but with a different concept and name. It was the Showa period in which the birthday of Emperor Akihito's mother (Empress Kojun) was celebrated on every 6th of May. However, Japanese Christians have been reported to celebrate Mother's Day along with the global Christian community. This trend spread throughout Japan up till 1930s. Imperial Women's Union was established in 1931 that paved the way for the more heartily celebration of Mother's day. On 8th May 1937, first meeting of 'Praise Mothers' was held; however, this trend faced a serious blow in the WWII. Mother's Day celebration was banned throughout Japan. At last in 1949, Mother's day celebration once again won hearts of the Japanese and this celebration once again spread throughout Japan. Mother's Day in Japan is called ha-ha no hi.The Japanese started holding an arts contest throughout the country. Children would paint pictures for their mothers called "My Mother". This contest would start from the local level, went to national level and then it would become international. The winning drawings would tour throughout Japan and were entered in international exhibitions celebrating Mothers and peace. This competition was held after every four years. Today, Mother's Day is celebrated in Japan on the second Sunday of May with the same zeal and enthusiasm as in the rest of the world. Carnation is entitled mother flower, here also. Children gift their flowers arrangements for mother's day Japan made up of mother flowers Japan to their mothers. Online, local and international florists make record mother's day flowers delivery Japan wide. Florists have now enabled Mother's day delivery flowers Japan to reach every nook and corner of the country. Offshore Japanese also send mother's day flowers to their beloved mothers in Japan. Girls cook dishes for their mothers that they have learnt from them. Boys gift their Japan mother's flowers, scarves, handkerchiefs and handbags.
Statistics tell that sales of domestic mother flower Japan fell to 380 million in 2008 from 410 million in 2006, while sales of imported flowers for mother's day, Japan meanwhile surged to 220 million in 2008 from 180 million in 2006," according to the association. The imports of mother's day flowers, Japan come principally from China and Colombia. In order to shift the trend, local florists are introducing new strategies to boost mother's day flower delivery Japan.Mother's day in Japan was celebrated as early as 1913 on the birthday of the then Emperor's mother. However, Japanese Christians use to celebrate the American Mother's day. The trend of celebrating American mother's day grew to almost every nook and corner of Japan up till 1930s. In 1937, celebration of American Mother's Day was made official. But, later on due to the WWII and its soaring aftermaths this celebration was banned. At least in 1949, tensions defused to an extent that Mother's day celebration was once again made official. Children gift their mothers' flowers, cook their favorite dishes and go out for a meal, on the Mother's Day.
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