Solar Energy - Eco Friendly and Cost Effective Energy Systems for Homes

       By: Greenhomeenergy
Posted: 2010-04-10 07:15:09
As the global warming threats are buzzing around, people are getting more and more eco conscious. Marketers have got the nerves of the consumers and everything around you has started turning Green. You have got green cars, green electricity equipments, green food, green houses, and what not. But they are not 100% green in fact. They might have reduced the carbon emission to a lesser level than that earlier, but have not diminished it at all. Every one of us, in our houses, is contributing to global warming and other environmental degradation either one or other way. That is obviously reflecting on our health and age both. Besides, the cost of conventional energy resources is getting dear and people are seeking alternative energy solutions to save money and environment, both.Necessity is the mother of invention. There are many new alternate energy solutions in the market. Like Magnetic Power Generator, Solar Power Generator, Wind Energy Methods etc. and they are all doing great, indeed. Solar Power is the most powerful and popular among all alternate energy resources and is widely available. It is true that Solar Power Systems are comparatively costlier than its other counterparts. But, it serves it own benefits, too. So far as cost is concerned, governments are offering sufficient incentives, rebates, credits and green loans to compensate for its high-cost factor. The first advantage of harnessing solar power is that you can integrate it in your house design well. If you are planning to build a new house, it is a wise decision to ask your architect provide sufficient solar energy options for whole of the house. The other advantages of employing Solar Energy system include:1 - Yours is the powerhouse - Solar Energy is accessible all around the world. No matter if you plan to build a house in dessert, island or somewhere on a hilltop. You need not to worry how would you be connected to electricity cables. Even if you decide to leave in most populated urban territory, you wouldn't have to worry about blackouts. And why at all suffer interrupted power supply and unexpected power cuts due to overload in Summer. Rejoice that you have got your own solar energy system installed which is sufficient to cater all your energy requirement.2 - Blow the Bills - You have already slashed your electricity bills to negligible by installing a Solar Energy System in house. You are also saving a lot on temporary energy arrangements which have to provide for external fuel like generators, batteries etc. during cloudy days or blackout hours. There is no need to wander out on roads or call to vendors incessantly for supplying fuel for your exhausting power backup. Your Solar System is already at your service, Sir. Other benefits of installing a Solar Power System include Low Maintenance cost, durability, safety, and above all no pollution. Yes! Solar Power Systems are 100% pollution free. It doesn't have recurring expenses but increases value of your house. So, by opting for a Solar Power System, you can be proud of making your contribution to reduce environmental degradation around you.Green home energy provides solar power solutions to homes and solar power installation at Brisbane.
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