Three Important Features You Want in Voice Activated Tape Recorders

       By: John Morrissey
Posted: 2010-03-15 06:36:51
While recording speeches, meetings, or interviews, pauses are usually found along with voice. When the recorder starts recording everything including pauses, a lot of space in the tape will be wasted. Also, a lot of time is wasted when you play back the speech because of unwanted silence in the middle of the recordings. This can be eliminated if you can choose a recorder that records only voices.Voice activated tape recorder starts recording voices only when audible sound is heard. This way, unnecessary silence is eliminated in the recorded speeches and hence, long hours of speech can be recorded in a single cassette due to savings in tape space. 1. The tape recorder should record voices clearly. This depends on the quality of microphone used in the recorder. The recorder contains a voice sensing circuitry that switches between record and stop to listen mode to record only voices. Without proper microphone, the sensing ability of circuitry reduces, resulting in missing large portions of audio.
2. Play back feature of the voice activated recorder should be reasonable. You should be able to go through the audio and recognize what is recorded. Audible speakers are necessary. Some recorders come with built in speakers that are loud and clear. Fast playback feature is now found in modern day microcassette tape recorders and it helps in reviewing recorded audio easily.
3. Power usage of voice activated tape recorder is often a main concern. Even though the recorder doesn't record voices, it still uses power for the voice sensing circuitry to work. Hence, you have to keep changing the batteries frequently to ensure that the recorder is functioning. Certain voice recorders accept AC input, but this kind of power supply is not possible at all places. You must make sure that the recorder you buy is capable of recording long hours of speech without interruption using the power from batteries. John Morissey gives great reviews voice recorder reviews to help you know what is up and about audio recording devices. has also great information on the related category.
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