The Electric Motor Scooter - Is it the Wave of the Future?

       By: Michael S Hutchins
Posted: 2010-02-24 22:13:42
Living in a small retirement community, buying an electric motor scooter seemed like a logical decision. It seems like several of our neighbors have abandoned the idea of golf carts, in favor of an electric scooter. In fact, I predict the numbers of electric scooters will rise a lot in the next decade, for several good reasons.They Are Part Of The "Green Movement"It seems like almost every day, we see another environmentally friendly product introduced to the marketplace. Electric cars are becoming more practical every day.The electric motor scooter is also becoming more practical. Improvements in battery technology allows them to run faster and longer. Some models have a range of 20+ miles, and can reach speeds of almost 30 mph.No More Trips To The Gas StationWith gas prices sky high, and continuing to go higher, alternative sources of fuel are constantly being investigated. Electric powered scooters are extremely inexpensive to operate, and very easy to charge. At the very least, they save owners from the hassle of visiting gas stations.The are also excellent for running short errands. Many of them are equipped with running lights, which include headlights, tail lights, and directional signals. Frequently, they have storage compartments and even luggage racks.For the most part, they are quiet and have comfortable seats.They Are Fun!Oh yes, I have saved the best for last! Most models can reach top speeds of 15+ mph, which is plenty fast for short trips. Acceleration is controlled by twist grip throttles, which provide crisp acceleration.As baby boomers retire and migrate to retirement communities, an electric motor scooter makes an excellent source of secondary transportation.
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