Police Oral Board Interview Success - Addressing Your Biggest Weakness Questions

       By: EL Forestal
Posted: 2010-01-30 01:48:47
Describe one of your biggest weakness? This is one of many difficult questions that the panel will ask you throughout the oral board interview. The dilemma here is to answer the question without making it seem like the weakness will hinder your job performance. At the same time, you don't want to articulate a weakness that's really not a weakness. You know, like telling the panel what you think that they want to here.Here are some tips for responding to questions about your biggest weakness during the oral board interview:Answer the question honestly.You see, many raters on the board will be experienced cops, and they know when someone is lying to them, after all people lie to them on a daily basis. Fabricating a weakness that's really not a weakness will be very obvious to them so your best bet is to be completely honest.Don't go overboard with a weakness and tell all:Your goal of course is not to lie to the board members, but you want to present yourself well. For example, if you were a retail manager somewhere, it's probably not a good idea to inform the panel that you have trouble getting along with people since you're going to be working with people quite often.Don't avoid certain questions:When the panels ask you a tough question, don't avoid answering the question. Also try to stay away from the cliche responses like I work a lot, and then try to quickly state how you've dealt with it. That type of response looks a little scripted and the panel has probably heard that same come back answer one time too many. Telling the panel a real, genuine weakness but then giving them an example on how you are working on it is more acceptable.
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