Legion - A Review

       By: Mark Jim Borbon
Posted: 2010-01-26 07:30:52
Legion Review: A Legion Movie ReviewSynopsisGod lost faith in humanity and He wanted to exterminate the world's population for their sins. He put Archangel Gabriel in charge to lead the legion of angels in wiping out the world's population but this gambit was objected by another archangel - Michael who led the battle to protect the son of a young waitress (Adrianne Palicki) who is carrying Christ in her womb. Because of the desire to protect mankind, archangel chose to stay beside a group of people to wage war against the angels of heaven.The child is born and he lives to give new beginning to the world.God created people with imperfectionsThe movie was excellent at sound effects and cinematography but the story is a bit inconsistent at some point. Why would God lose faith in the whole population when in the beginning of the creation of the universe, He knew that humanity has flaws. He created human being to be imperfect and will keep on sinning. This is where the quest for godly living starts, from being sinful towards a more Christian way of life. Creating people knowing that they will sin and destroying them for sinning is extremely illogical.God the FatherThe author of this movie has forgotten that God the Son is also the God (the Father). How can the Father of God let His son get killed by His army of angels? Isn't that God should protect the heir of His throne? Additionally, how can a God the Father impregnate a woman (who will certainly carry His child) when He had plans of destroying the world in the first place and has premeditated intention of killing His own child? Not making sense!The Virgin MaryIn the bible, God the Father chose Virgin Mary because she was sinless and had steadfast faith in God. God the Father, in turn, chose her to carry His only child - Jesus Christ in her womb. This is quite awesome!In the Legion movie, God thought of having a child (Christ) with a young waitress and later on decided to kill His son. The young waitress was puffing cigarette smoke unstoppably. This is one way for her to skip stress and anxiety as parts of being desolate pregnant woman. I can't simply connect the idea of how God (the Father) had to choose a young smoking waitress to carry His child and later hunt her and the baby down by sending an army of evil-possessed-looking people who still claim to be possessed by angels?Simply put, this movie equates angels to devils and Satan to the Lord. And then what's next? The equation of heaven as a function of the earth?I can't find the logic of Algebra here!Archangel Michael has risenThe battle began between archangels Michael and Gabriel. Michael was appealing to Gabriel about the more "angelic" way of causing the humanity change to become more acceptable before God. Then the angel Gabriel thought there was no hope for the world hence, the solution is to wipe out the human species with "angel-possessed" monsters with "baby" teeth to use for snatching human flesh.As a response, Michael was forced to fight the villain angel in order to save the child (Christ). With the mighty power of his dark wings and "angelic weapon of mass destruction" that putting an end to an archangel Michael was just like munching peanuts.ConclusionYou got to have a faith as tough as the Great Wall of China and as high as the PETRONAS Tower of Malaysia so to unable this purely theatrical artwork to weed out Christianity from its viewers. In other words, I can't rate this movie. I'd better keep my mouth shut.
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