James Cameron's Avatar in 3D is Brilliant

       By: Michael Framball
Posted: 2010-01-02 06:32:30
After a week or two in the theaters, I decided it was finally time to set some time aside to see Avatar. I always try to avoid the opening weekend box office hype of any movie, and Avatar's has been anything but short lived.Even tonight, the theater was filled to capacity on a Tuesday night for a 10:30 showing. This really goes to show how much attention the movie is receiving. Going into it with high expectations, I was hoping not to be let down. It seems like any time I hear great things about a movie, I end up being somewhat disappointed. Thankfully, this wasn't the case with Avatar tonight. What a blast it was to see this movie in three dimensions.This was easily the best movie I've ever seen as far as visual effects are concerned. Even though there weren't many moments where everything seems to be jumping out at you, the 3D effects truly made the movie.Cameron integrated the story line and the action tremendously, making the 3D technology seem seamlessly integrated with the plot of the movie. The experience really brought me as a viewer into the planet of Pandora and I know that I'm not the only viewer who felt like they were there.This was an abstract world, filled with enough fantasy to establish a cult like following. If you've seen the also brilliant Pan's Labryinth and enjoyed it, you'll appreciate the magical creatures that grace the screen in Avatar.All in all, this was a movie for the ages. I would absolutely recommend seeing it, and I'd definitely be sure to see it in 3D. While it'd still be a highly enjoyable movie viewed in its regular format, I couldn't imagine missing out on the experience that I just had. Get to theaters to see this masterpiece.Watch your movies on a digital TV projector at home, and learn how to find great projector screens for sale.
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